The Hunt Family Library

Today I wanted to share one of the best things about my new house is our library. I know don’t we sound Bougie. Well our house is a standard 1990’s colonial with the front dinning room and living room. Well we have a great big family room in the back of the house so the living room would be one of those “fancy” rooms that you only go in for holidays or maybe on occasion with company. But we all know the truth at a party everyone gravitates towards your kitchen anyways.

Ryan and I are obsessed with books….we had bookcase everywhere in our old house. We love to read, talk about books, collect them. So we figured what if we could make a dream room for us. A reading room/library. Once we moved in we decided we wanted to line the back wall and some of the sides with bookcases. Originally I was eying the bookscases at Ikea with the doors but then I felt that might limit the ability to put knicknacks and such on the shelves.

Well it took awhile to get this room even up and running because well when you need a ton of book shelves and you only have a Rav-4 things take time. Thankfully I got lucky and was able to get a delivery date for holiday time from Ikea so I sucked it up and ordered all the book cases at once from them and had them delivered. We also decided to add in a desk that was going to go in Josie’s room before she got a loft bed with a desk under it. That has worked about perfectly because there were times when both Ryan and I had to teach from home and we needed seperate areas to teach from. So my classes got to have class from the Hunt library

As the holiday season was approaching I decided we needed to go all in on decorating the library! We went out and got a second tree for it and its so lovely. Although we don’t have any decorations on it my goal is over the years to pick up and collect reading themed ornaments for the library tree. I have been pinning away on pinterest how to make ornaments from old books. I think I may top it with a sorting hat (JK why do you have to be such a piss poor human-It makes it hard to still love all things Harry Potter). This space makes me so happy so why not have it all decked out for the holidays

As I am reflecting on this post a bit I realized that this space is one of the first things that is truly me…truly us. I often care a lot of what others think of me…that is another post or book for another day. I could have had a lovely living room or sitting room and gone all out with a pottery barn vibe….but when I really figured out what I wanted…this was it. A cozy place that is perfect for us…perfect for me. We aren’t fancy pants people-we are cozy up with a blanket and a book people. This is a space that really makes me happy. I wish for all of you a similar spot in your homes.

For those who are close by just remember the Hunt Library is always open for visits, browsing, and yes borrowing-So come on by!

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