Beginnings and Dreams

As a lover of history and animals my dream has always been to own an old farm house and live out my dreams of all things farm life….minus you know the responsibilities of a farming for a living. Well about two years ago we began a search for a new home that also included an in law apartment for my mother to join us. Well I found my dream house…an old farm house with a good piece of property on “the street” in our town. Well such as many of us have learned…..dreams and reality are very different things. During the inspection of this farm house from 1650 that even included a spot for hiding runaway slaves we realized that a house like this would be a lifetime commitment that we really weren’t financially or emotional capable fo making…so I walked away from my dream house and the search continued.

Fast forward 9 months later we found Tuttle Circle. A house that needed a lot of updating but held a lot of potential. We moved in during October and just now in April it is starting to feel like home. As we have settled in Ryan and I have begun to talk about our dreams for this place. Ryan, as an AP Environmental Science teacher and me with my farmhouse dreams, we have decided that we really want to work on creating a home that is as sustainable as we can get…..hence the homestead.

Homesteading has tons of definitions but to me it means doing your best to live a sustainable life within your home. For me this includes gardening, cooking and baking, and as many environmental efforts and we can manage. So what is on deck for Tuttle Circle. Here are some projects some will be happening sooner rather than later

-Vegetable Gardens

–Xeriscaped front and side lawn

-Chickens (For eggs not eating)

-Bee Hive

-Solar Panels


-Switch to Gluten Free Baking

-Farmhouse Styling our 1990’s house. Our Tuttle circle house is great but it screams 1990s!

We know not all of this can happen all at once but I can’t wait to share our journey…both the successes and failures. I am sure there will be many failures. Join us for the ride!

Photo Credit for both-Kim Nguyen

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