Garden and Yard Starting Point

So I love to garden-mostly so I was excited when we moved about all the possibilities of new gardens. The only issue was once we moved in we realized the soil here is far worse then our really bad soil at our house on the other side of town. This soil was so rocky and hard Ryan struggled to even put some simple stakes in the ground when we first moved in. We thought the crappy lawn was from when they installed our new foundation (story for another day-but crumbling foundations is a thing in our area). Nope…its just shitty soil! So we decided awhile go we didn’t want to go the grass route anymore-its too hard on the environment. We will be making our garden beds larger and adding cover crop. Below are some pictures of our starting points.

Notice the harsh rocky soil and no grass-Cover crops here we come!

So now on to the gardens. The backyard looks similar perhaps worse than the front yard! So we are putting in a large garden. The chickens will hopefully be coming next year to the right of the garden. We took the recommendation of someone on our town page and had someone come and till our soil…due to the quality of the soil we also are going to be adding a garden mix (50% topsoil/50% compost) to the top of this. Please note my standard gardening look…..crop pants, tank top, and LL Bean duck boots!

Close up of the crappy rocky soil…and a new neighborhood friend!

Indoors I have also started some seedlings to add to this garden or the raised beds that were recently delivered and need to be built.

I find there is nothing more lovely then the site of seedlings starting to sprout. Its like the promise of all good things to come. So stay tuned to see how all of this starts to come together!

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