Spring Time Garden Update

So its been a bit since I have posted….well that is simply the life of a teacher at the end of the year. Add to that two kiddos graduating from middle school and elementary school and an active softball season and you have crazy parent life….one I wouldn’t change for anything.

So we have been working hard trying to get the yard and the gardens in a bit better shape. We planted the garden with squashes and tomatoes and a few watermelons. We did our raised beds with smaller crops and peas/beans. This past week we added our bags.

We have such bad soil we really have had to think outside of the box and what has helped us is a Master Class on Gardening that we watched. I bought Ryan master class for Xmas and we have watched a few. One of the episodes/classes suggested that if you have bad soil or need to conserve space to use garden bags or recycle coffee bean bags. You fill them with soil and your root veggies and grow in them. The bags have Velcro sides that when its time to harvest you open the sides and pull out the veggies. We are trying this because the soil is so rocky we would never get anything to grow. We added some raised beds and repurposed and old crate (where we are growing our tortoises kale). We also used several decorative pots my mom brought from her house to plant our smaller tomatoes in.

I am curious to see how these new gardens turn out. There is something about looking out my kitchen window or wandering around my new property and to see all this loveliness coming to life. The last photo shot is is of my lettuce…does it get any better than this?

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